I love a good creative challenge.

It is definitively easier for me to commit to a project than to commit to a practice. This is probably one of the reasons I decided to start this blog. Even though it feels daunting not to have the end date or specific rules to follow, it also feels quite exhilarating not knowing what will happen in this space. Having a definite number of days and specific topic or prompt in mind, usually helps me to focus and motivates me; it also brings a sense of completion and achievement once the project is done. Mostly, I love to look back at the completed project and reflect on the process and the lessons I learned, to see things from a different perspective.

So far, I participated in various free community projects.
Some of my favourite were: Susannah Conway's April Love, August Break, and December Reflections, Vanessa Sage's Tarot Love, and Elle Luna's The 100 Day Project.

Through the years I also created my own personal projects and challenges.
Some I have completed successfully; other turned out to be a total failure. I think I tried "365" photo project at least three times and never made it to the end. Instead, I managed to do "52" twice and it was quite a powerful experience to witness my weekly struggles, devotion, insights, reflections, creative ideas, overwhelm and joy as I worked on these projects.

The first 52 was a year long photo project for which I created a weekly diptych of self-portraits and my environment. The second 52 was a year long blog collaboration that my dear friend Fi agreed to do with me. Every week we created something and wrote about the process to each other. My children were tiny, I worked on my degree, and I mostly used the blog to complain and whine about it.
Yet, I truly believe, that this creative collaboration kept me alive and helped me survive the craziness of that period.

My personal projects invited me to pay attention and witness my life and my creative process. They definitively enriched and influenced  my life, but what I loved the most was the feeling and knowing they evoked - I was living a creative life.

I discovered that when I am involved in a creative process I feel most alive;
and this is the main reason I create - to feel alive.


A few pictures from some of my favourite projects.


The 100 Day Project


#100 ~ 2018

I was very excited about #the100dayproject 2018. Weeks before it started I made a list with, what I felt, were some brilliant ideas. A few days before the project started I was looking at my list and trying to pick one when I realised that to be able to actually execute these ideas daily, I would have to put my life on hold and basically stop working, mothering, and doing anything else. After getting the reality check with what I already had on my plate I decided not to participate at all.

Immediately, after making that decision I watched myself with astonishment take a cheap binder, paint it over, cut blank pages of paper to fit the binder, and print out one of my sketches for the binder’s cover. Voilà! I created a container for the project. It felt like something possessed me for an hour, and before I knew it, I announced on Instagram that I will be doing #100daysofweirdfaces.

I still don't know if it was a classic fear of missing out or if my creative part was so excited that she simply (and powerfully) took over.


#100 ~ 2017

The initial idea for this project (which I repeated every day for one hundred days under each post on Instagram) was to create 100 tiny pages 10cm x 6cm and at the end of the project fold them in a half to create a book of tiny pages. Although, I completed the project, I never made the book.

The tiny pages are still patiently waiting in a cute jar in my studio to be transformed into a tiny book.