I am back home from my travels, although the idea of "home" and "being at home" has quite a different meaning for me right now. For the past fifteen years I have been trying to be at home here in Canada and I was pretty sure that I had arrived to that place in myself, from where I could call my current home "my home".

Returning to Poland showed me that nothing is for sure, things aren't that obvious anymore. This trip reminded me quite strongly that I spent the first 30 years of my life in a different place, different "home", and in a sense I was a different person. This journey truly touched and woke up the invisible roots I am still surrounded by. For so many years I tried to move forward and establish myself in this new land and life; but now, the pull to go back and review and investigate the past is so strong - it takes a lot of space in my mind and soul.

But I am back; back "here"  and from here I am trying to envision my next step.

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse were raw and beautiful. They reverberated so vividly within my inner landscape, filled me with reflections and dreams. I think it shows in this mandala, the dreamy, calm, yet somehow rich and layered image - so much meaning hidden there, at least for me. It is subtle but when I look at it I can feel it's power.


a cocoon enveloped in eclipses

resting in mystery



connecting with its roots



withdrawing into the inner landscape of the soul

awakening from a long forgotten dream

sensing the centre of the universe

following the golden thread

learning self

whispering to the moon

“my love”





* This mandala was inspired by the eclipse, the blood moon and a journal spread that I created for one of the classes I'm currently taking - Hali Karla's "In the Stars". I used the scraps and leftovers from that spread and from my birth chart, as well as one of the self-portraits I took for a different project. Here is the journal spread.





Images of July's New Moon Mandala, which I created - of all places - in Bulgaria!!! With limited art supplies, and lots of "happenings" around me I felt like I was in the eye of the hurricane and life was whirling around me. As a highly introverted person I learned my lesson the hard way. My idea of vacation is to retrieve to a cave, preferably alone, with a book, journal and art supplies. Traveling, even though truly exciting, is hard work for me...