I had been creating mandalas for years, but it became a monthly practice in November 2016, when I bought "The Moon Is My Calendar" journal and started using it. Every month since, I have created a new moon mandala and this ritual has became an important part of my spiritual and creative practice. I shared more about my process in an interview with April McMurtry from @themoonismycalendar last year.

At the beginning of this year I decided to start creating mandalas for both, the new and the full moon. I am amazed at the shifts and differences in energies I notice with each new and full moon. This one was especially potent.

A few days before the full moon I knew that I wanted to use this particular self-portrait for this mandala and I knew it had to be multiplied. I felt really drawn to using black paint. That is all I knew when I started this mandala. Sometimes, I have a clear image of what wants to emerge and sometimes I don’t know anything, When that happens I just stare at the page and wait for that first impulse to lead me. The creative process, like life, is all about trusting, listening, and taking the next step. 

Watching the process unfold before me is one of the most exhilarating experiences I know. No matter how many times I start a project I am always surprised at the end. There are many ways to create but when I allow the process to take over, instead of me taking the lead, I enjoy it the most.  

Once the process of creating the mandala was completed I felt the urge to respond to it with words. I listened to that impulse, followed it and this is what emerged.

Litany to Wholeness

Looking at myself in the mirror
I am reaching out to collect the separated selves
The many parts that play hide and seek
The parts that yearn for wholeness
The parts that want to be embraced

The one that is in love with the moon
The one that sees and feels but cannot tell
The one that writes long poems that no one ever reads
The one that dreams
The rainbow one, the owl one, the luminescent one
The one with broken wings
The one that remembers everything
The one that wants to be left alone
The one with a clear voice
The one that hides her gifts
The one that takes on and on
The one that doesn’t mind
The one that keeps your secrets
The lost one
The one that is never good enough
The one that feels dead inside
The one that doesn't hide
The one that talks with the trees and stones
The one that is overwhelmed all the time
The one that swallows her scream
The funny one and the playful one (I haven't see them for a long time)
The one that sees through
The one that rises above
The one that feels too much
The one that wants to be seen
The one that cannot let go
The one that did let go
The one on her knees
The one who knows how to pierce your soul
The pretty one
The one that weeps the silent cry
The deserving one
The one that hides herself
The one that knows the right from wrong
The one that is strong
The one that feels alive
The one you want to know

The one that looks back at me
Sees who I am
The one that knows all the parts
That one
The whole one


  1. Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror.
  2. Recognize the parts of yourself that want you to notice them.
  3. Make a list of “the ones” that showed up.
  4. Cut the list into separate strips.
  5. Mix them up, turn them upside down.
  6. Pull one after another and arrange them into your own litany.
  7. Reflect on this process.

* If you decide to share your litany or your reflection, please let me know! either here in the comments or by tagging me on Instagram @rainbowsylvia #litanytowholeness.