In the deep dark spiral of a dream Great Grand Mama Moon came down and she smiled with her leathered wrinkled face and she laughed ha ha ha; and then she delivered this wisdom message: Oh, Daughter stop fighting with your spirit and be still. Fighting has made you tired.
— Birthing Wings ~ Story Reading by Jessica Zinchuk

Joseph Campbell believed that "When you are on the right path, invisible hands will come to your aid". This is exactly what happened when I watched Jessica pull my name from a little bowl. She was giving away a free Story Reading and when she reached out to choose a winner one piece of paper was trying so hard to escape from that bowl; it almost looked like a paper snake wiggling itself into her hand. She picked it up and revealed the name of the winner. It was my name! In that moment, a huge wave of gratitude was released from my heart and I truly felt the connection with these "invisible hands" helping me on my path.

When my story - "Birthing Wings" - arrived in my e-mail, I created a sacred space to receive it and it was indeed nothing ordinary when I finally pushed the play button to listen to it. Words would fail to describe this experience, but one thing that I can say is this - the story went straight into my Soul and it is still there making herself at home.

The Story and the conversation with Jessica afterwords became a catalyst for creating my website and moving forward with my dreams. The shift was so powerful that my website was ready in a few days. Everything fell into the right place and unfolded beautifully.

I was encouraged by my friends and virtual friends to create my own website for years now, and I was still on the fence about it. Some parts were excited about this idea, the other parts preferred to stay hidden; exactly like in the Winnicott's quote.

In the artist of all kinds I think one can detect an inherent dilemma, which belongs to the co-existence of two trends: the urgent need to communicate and the still more urgent need not to be found.
— D.W. Winnicott

I did not publish my website right away, but the clarity and enthusiasm I felt after receiving "Birthing Wings" was stronger than my doubts and fears. Once I figured out my first blog post, there was nothing left to hold me back. And this is how this space was born.

The slides below show the process of creating the painting for the Story, which I started immediately after listening to the recording. The background painted on the wood panel was waiting for years to be picked up again. I painted joyously for a few days and then... I got stuck for two months. I wasn't really sure what the painting wanted from me, so I decided to wait, and believe me - waiting is NOT my favourite thing to do.

Last week, as I was staring at the painting I knew that if I want to move forward, I have to let go of that wing, that I painted initially. Letting go was harder than I expected, but once the wing disappeared under the dark blues I completed the painting in no time. Maybe the wing is waiting for another painting? Or maybe I am birthing the invisible wings, that only I can see and feel inside of me? or maybe this blog represents my virtual wings? ; ) Well, time will show.

My story ends with this beautiful line "IN THAT MOMENT SHE PROMISED HERSELF TO NEVER DOUBT HER MAGIC AGAIN", and it kind of became my mantra. It reminds me to follow my Soul's whispers and not worry about anything else. 



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