November already?! It seems that with the passing years my hibernation process starts in early September (as does the snow!). People here dream about going for a vacation to a sunny place to take a break from this long and harsh winter. My secret dream? Withdraw into a real cave, not to sleep but to rest, be still, create, read, and mostly to be left alone. The older I get the more solitude I need. Unfortunately, this is the one thing that is hard to “get” these days.

November ~ New Moon Mandala “Emerging” ~ detail

November ~ New Moon Mandala “Emerging” ~ detail

My birthday is in November, therefore for me this month is about reflecting on my life, especially the past year. It’s about making new choices and adjustments, setting up intentions and envisioning the next steps. I have a few bigger dreams that I hope to accomplish before I die, yet I am learning again and again the deepest truth of Annie Dillard’s words:

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.

How do I want to spend my days?

How do you want to spend yours?

November ~ New Moon Mandala ~ “Emerging”

November ~ New Moon Mandala ~ “Emerging”

Guest Post + Giveaway

I am excited to share that I wrote a guest post for Terri’s “Wholehearted Stories”. I invite you to visit her beautiful and inspiring website Quiet Writing to read it, and please let me know when you do! 


I am hosting a giveaway on November’s New Moon in Scorpio!


The lucky winner will receive a Limited Edition 2019 Moon Mandala Wall Calendar. This beautiful calendar was created by April Miller McMurtry from The Moon Is My Calendar and one of my mandalas is featured there.

To participate, look for this picture (above) on my Instagram feed and follow the instructions.

Good Luck!


October ~ Full Moon Mandala

October ~ Full Moon Mandala